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Vijnan Manthan

Science Class

Vijnan Manthan is a year-long program run mainly for students in grades 8 to 10 who are deeply passionate about Science

If you have a child who is deeply inquisitive and passionate about Sciences, then Vijnan Manthan could be a program for them. Vijnan Manthan aims at nurturing talents in Science by giving them challenging content in a group of peers who are atleast as passionate about Science as them. The sessions will be led by mentors who have walked the path and have realised the importance of fostering science talents at a young age. The weekly online engagement will give the necessary mental stimulation that will make them more excited about Science and explore the subject in an interdisciplinary way.


  • To expose the students to a wide variety of scientific areas, building bridges between several seemingly unrelated fields and breaking down misconceptions or shedding light on ‘impossibilities’.

  • To acquaint students with the notion of unification, and make them understand the interdisciplinary nature of the sciences. 

  • By making this course inquiry oriented (and not just inquiry based), we prepare the students to think like scientists, and apply this thinking in real world scenarios.

Structure of the course

Through interactive discussions, students will be led to understanding,

inquiring and exploring about various areas of science. There would be 

weekly assignments submitted in the Google classroom on which the

students would be expected to work during the week and turn them in. 


Starting from July 20th, 2024 every Saturday 7:30 to 9:00 pm IST

from July to March. 


Online on Zoom


How to enroll?

Enrollment is selection-based. Interested students can apply by

clicking on the 'Apply' button and answering the questions in the

qualifying test.


Batch size?

About 15 students in a batch

Last date to apply

Enrollments are on a rolling basis. The earlier you apply the better the chances of getting in.

Registrations close by July 10th, 2024 or when seats are full (whichever is earlier).

For any queries, write to us at

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