Ganit Manthan

Ganit Manthan is a year-long program run during the academic year mainly for students from 9 to 15 year olds.


Ganit Manthan is a year-long online program for students who are passionate about Mathematics falling under the age group 9 to 15 years. The goal of the program is to enable students to develop their Mathematical Thinking and Creativity. The program will enable students to explore, collaborate, develop skills like critical thinking, problem posing, problem solving, generalisation, and similar long-term goals of Mathematics Education. 

Some of the topics that are discussed are Number Theory, Algebra, Geometry, Interconnection between Numbers, Algebra and Geometry, Combinatorics, Puzzles, Recreational Mathematics, History of Mathematics, Data Analysis, etc. The focus is not just limited to learning the concepts, but also extends to developing thinking skills to approach problems that one has never been introduced to. Skills like generalisation, problem solving strategies, critical thinking, can be transferred to domains outside Mathematics and the objective of Ganit Manthan is to achieve those skills through Mathematics. Thus, Mathematics is not the end in itself in Ganit Manthan, but a means to an end.

Batch size

Minimum 8 and maximum 15 students in a batch

Students are divided into batches based on what they already know. A particular batch will have a homogeneous crowd based on their current ability to tackle problems in Mathematics. Thus, it is likely to have students of different age groups in a batch.

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Inspiring Talks by Inspired Minds is a monthly series of talks by students who are part of our year-long course, Ganit Manthan. In these talks, they present on topics that they are passionate about. The talks are open to all. 


In this month's talks, listen to three amazing speakers who will talk about Biomechanics, math in Cricket and time travel . We bet that you will be teleported to a different plane by their talks. Register on the button below to get link for the talks.


Upcoming talks

Coming Soon

Watch past talks here


Swasti and her love for Biomechanics


Vrishank with cricket and math


Smayan with his time travel theories

Ganit Manthan 2.png

Adithya with his love to explore math in music!

Inspired Minds Series 2_Bhagavath.png

Bhagavath with cool crypto facts

Ganit Manthan 3.png

Atri and his 'Fun with flags'!

Inspired Minds Series 2_Vaageesan.png

Vaageesan with his love for languages

Ganit Manthan 1.png

Tanish and his love for the chequered game of thrones!

Inspired Minds Series 2_Johan.png

Johan with his fascination for black holes

Inspiring Talks_Ganit Manthan 1 (1).png

Siddharth shares about Physics and Astronomy

Inspiring Talks_Ganit Manthan 2 (1).png

Nidhee talks about Genetics

Inspiring Talks_Ganit Manthan 3 (1).png

Adhrit speaking on Arthropods