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Math Excellence Program


Math Excellence Program (MEP) is an online program for students of grade 3 to 9. MEP builds a strong foundation in the area of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory. The course aims at gaining conceptual clarity in mathematics, which help students to solve routine problems with ease. MEP nurture students with qualities necessary to tackle non-routine problems. This program works as a great support for students who intend to give challenging competitive math exams. Smaller batch size enables good connect between mentor and students. The program provides a platform for students where they can express their ideas for solving challenging problems. The participative and interactive nature of the program works towards generating interest in mathematics. 

MEP is a year-long course running through June to February, every year. The course is spread over 70 sessions. Two sessions per week are conducted, with a batch size of 12 to 16 students per batch.


For admission and more details, contact Yogesh Waikul (9769866117).

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